Frequently Asked Questions

Do not use words which are not reflecting your personal traits or technical skills. For example, if you learnt a technical skill and have not got a change to implement it in any of your project, mention that you have exposure rather than mentioning it as having excellence in the skill. Do not self-promote and use words like strategic thinker, go getter etc unless you really fit for those.

“Resume Score” is not an AI nor a chat bot! Your resume is analysed by a human brain. We read between the lines and try to understand your feelings and emotions. We don’t get carried by key words, patterns and grammar. However, the importance we give for key words and grammar is still significant.

There are numerous factors resulting to a low “Resume Score”. But, don’t worry we can work together and make it better and match the industry standard. The major factors include Impact/First impression, Relevance, ATS Compatibility, Spelling & Grammar and the Core Content of your resume.

A good “Resume Score” will make you stand apart from the crowd. It will help you fetch an interview slot. Your skills will lead you to job offer.

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